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Fine Cotton Ringleader Tells All

Oscorp Entertainment is delighted to announce that it has acquired exclusive rights to the amazing true story - told for the first time - by the mastermind behind Australia’s most infamous sporting scam.

John Patrick Gillespie was the architect of the Fine Cotton horse racing substitution (or “ring-in”) in Queensland in 1984. This intriguing story involves some of Australia’s racing elite.

Oscorp has signed up the exclusive rights to the story told by John Patrick Gillespie and by his co-conspirator, John Dixon. Licenses are available right now in all categories.

Incredibly, the Fine Cotton scandal has never before hit the screen. Oscorp Entertainment is working with Gillespie and Dixon to develop a screenplay which will for the first time expose the amazing events leading up to, and following the scam which involved millions of dollars and a cast of colourful characters. Gillespie, who spent time in prison because of his activities, is now in his eighties and Oscorp has stored his recollections on audio tape. Gillespie said, “It’s time the real story was told. I want to get it off my chest.”

In a side note to this fascinating story, the gelding Fine Cotton died in February 2009 at the ripe old age of 31!

All expressions of interest / sales enquiries should be directed to members of our sales and licensing team, listed on our Licensing Page.

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