Horatio T Birdbath
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The work of Horatio T Birdbath is beyond all description.

A self-described "gregarious hermit" this amazingly prolific Australian artist creates impossibly-detailed and intricate images of fun, fantasy, warmth and magic that defy any attempt at classification.

Delighting both children and adults equally, his work encompasses drawing, caricature, photography, painting, sculpture, audio/visual installations and performance art. His creative philosophy is rooted in the observation that much of life is beautiful, magical and unexplainable all at once. The selection of images above is a tiny sample of his collected works, photographed both from a distance and in extreme close up, to better show the detail in his work.

With over 18 years worth of unpublished works in his collection to date, Horatio T Birdbath’s artworks represent a wonderful opportunity for licensors. His unique brand and life-view reminds us that even in the darkest of times, life remains beautiful and precious regardless.

Oscorp is both proud and delighted to introduce his amazing creations to the world market for the very first time.

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