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Oscorp picks up Explorations

Oscorp Entertainment is proud to present a 39 x 1 hour quality series which is more than just another television show. It touches an audience and turns the viewer into an explorer.

“Explorations” celebrates the power of the human spirit to unravel some of life’s most intriguing mysteries

It asks the hard questions - can we ever become young again; what are the limits to human endurance; why are we attracted to one person and not another?

“Explorations” is the story of our journey as a species and as individuals. It is our intelligence, our imagination and our foresight and an ability to think beyond ourselves that enables us to triumph in the world.

The world of “Explorations” features the mainstays of human existence: Time, Communication, Travel, Mind and Body and Survival. With human beings at its core, “Explorations” celebrates advances in science and technology.

“Explorations” is guaranteed to captivate an audience and challenge and extend them. Non-broadcast rights are available in all territories worldwide.

To view screening material for Explorations, please visit the TV:DVD:IPTV section of our website.

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