Some Of Our Airmen Are No Longer Missing
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During World War II thousands of Allied aircraft flew on bombing missions to Germany over Holland. Many never returned the fate of the crew and aircraft unknown for years. After the war the Dutch began to reclaim land from the IJsselmeer. Their work revealed what had been hidden for years - the wreckage of aircraft and the remains of their crew show down over Holland. More than 20,000 allied and German aircrew are still missing, shot down over Holland in World War II, their fate remains unknown.

Featuring actual combat footage from WWII, this film illustrates the work of the Royal Dutch Air Force Recovery Unit and the painstaking job of identifying the uncovered aircraft wreckage and the identity of the crew. In the film we speak to Air Chief Marshal Arthur Harris, US General James Doolittle who were the architects of the bombings raids on Germany and General Adolph Galland, General of Fighters of the German Air Force who sent the plans to shoot down the Allied bombers.

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